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Dec 3 '12

Half a Heart (new dragon!au cherik fic)

I’ve kind of started writing yet another new AU cherik fic (the last chapter of the Fairy and the Werewolf is basically all porn, and I’m currently not in the mood for writing that) and it’s a crossover between XMFC the film Dragonheart.

For the purposes of this fic Shaw is actually younger than Erik, and basically Erik is a knight out for revenge on all dragons after one gave King (the then young Prince) Shaw half its heart to save his life, and now Shaw has turned into the evil bastard that he is.  Erik believes it is the dragons fault, too loyal to question Shaw being a prick, and so hunts dragons but then a decade later meets Charles, a dragon, and then the fic turns into bits and pieces taken from the film, the rest is stuff I’ve made up, and it ends alot happier than the film did.


“Do you have any idea how many men have tried to kill me? Besides, I haven’t done anything wrong.” The dragon walked through the waterfall into what Erik presumed was a cave behind it, so he finally found his legs and stumbled forward stepping into the water. Enough was enough, this dragon was infuriating!

“You can’t hide dragon! I’m not leaving here until you’re dead!”

The dragon then stuck its head back out through the waterfall, the water cascading down over its neck, and simply said, “Well it’s not going to work darling.” before retreating again.

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