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29 year old female photographer from England.

Multi fandom blog & gif maker.

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Vikings (Athelstan/Ragnar - Athelnar).
George Blagden (Tblag with Travis Fimmel).
James McAvoy (McFassy with Michael Fassbender).
X-Men (Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr - Cherik)
And then the occasional Sherlock, Merlin, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Atlantis, Red Dwarf, Kingdom Hearts, Hannibal and anything else that takes my fancy.

Could have NSFW content.

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Jan 3 '12

I just woke up from a nap where I had a dream that Michael and James did a super-risqué photoshoot to promote the XMFC sequel. I can’t remember the name of the magazine, but the cover said something like “Hollywood Stirs Controversy By Confirming That Professor X and Magneto Were Once Lovers… With Stan Lee’s Blessing!”. The photos inside were all black and white. There was a set of three images: one where James is lying shirtless on a bed, smoking, while Michael is resting his head lazily on his chest (think a post-coital tableaux), another where they’re standing face to face, shot-gunning cigarette smoke, and James is trying to snake a hand down the front of Michael’s jeans. In the last one, they’re sweating and shirtless in sweatpants, wrestling on a mat. Michael is behind James and has him in a headlock, while James’ face is frozen in a grimace of ecstasy.




I love my subconscious.

 This is my canon now. This has happened. Everybody go home.

scifantasy your dreams are beautiful things worthy of our amasement.

Someone needs to fanart your dream.